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There’s nothing better than the thrill of the whiz, dip, and slide of slot car racing. One of the world’s most popular hobbies is becoming ever more advanced and technologically innovative, and The Pump Model Cars Trains & Hobbies at Campbelltown Sydney are proud to have an outstanding collection of slot car sets for sale from renowned producers like Scalextric and Carrera that perfectly reflect the technological advancement of this awesome activity. Our extensive range of parts & accessories

Peruse the collection and feel free to get in touch with the friendly team of experts at The Pump Model Cars, Trains & Hobbies. For any assistance in finding the right product for your slot car racing just call us.

Our range of products 

The Pump Model Cars, Trains & Hobbies was founded over 12 years ago We once run a 2 Routed slot car tracks and had regular slot car racing meets, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the business of racing. We keep updated with the latest products from internationally renowned producers like Scalextric and Carrera who create outstanding technology which is always innovative and fascinating to race with.

We’re sure that with our great range of products, available in-store and online, you will find the perfect addition to your set. Whether it be that Torana you have always wanted to race, that digital track you have always dreamed of creating, or that spare part necessary to keep your favorite car on the track, you are sure to find it here at The Pump Model Cars, Train & Hobbies Campbelltown NSW Sydney